Environmental short film competition 2017

Inspire others about protecting the planet

The Short Film Proposal Competition launches two new categories for 2017

Film makers worldwide are invited to send their ideas for a short, one-minute short film around sustainability and protection of biodiversity.Their judging panel will select three proposals from each category and pay US$300 for you to make your film. The voting public will decide which is the best film to take home two top-prizes of US$1500.

Short film proposals

There are two categories in the short film competition – each looking at different aspects of the environment and sustainability.

The winner in each category – the film which receives the most views on tve‘s Inspiring Change YouTube channel – will receive US$1500.

How do I enter?

  1. Choose one of our categories and think how you might make a one-minute film.
  2. Send us a written proposal about your film idea using our online form by 30 Aug.
  3. A judging panel will select the best three proposals in each category and we provide funding of US$300 to help you make your film. Funding will only be awarded on delivery of the film.
  4. The deadline for the delivery of the final films is 25 October.
  5. The films will be uploaded to tve‘s Inspiring Change YouTube channel. The winner in each category – the film which receives the most views by the end of 15 December – will receive US$1500.

Remember, you have until 11pm GMT on 30 August to submit your proposal online.


GEF category for Invasive alien species (IAS)
Invasive alien species are organisms which are non-native to a certain environment that cause, or could cause harm to the environment, economy and human health. The globalization of trade, travel, and transport is increasing the rate at which these species move around the world. The estimated damage from invasive species worldwide totals 5% of the global economy. IAS impact human health through disease, and pathogens and parasites may be IAS or may be introduced because of the existence of IAS.